Monday, February 18, 2008

Edison Chen Canceled Returning to Hong Kong to Answer Sex Scandal Questions

Catch me if you can...

Edison Chen was supposed to give a press conference Sunday to address the public about the recent sex photos scandal. He was also due to report at the Wanchai Police Station to record his statement and provide useful information.

But that is all up in smoke now judging from this turn of events. East Asia Music expressed that when Edison does return, they will contact the media so that they can “welcome” him back.

However, Hong Kong triad gangs may have place a hit out on Chen because the sex pictures he took of so many female singers and actresses will cost the triads millions of dollars in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Media reports said the gangsters are supposedly planning to teach Edison Chen a lesson or kill him over his central role in the celebrity sex-photo scandal.

A few days ago Edison Chen’s spokesman Mavis Leung said that Edison Chen was expected to return from the United States to Hong Kong and face the media on Sunday. But Leung declined to elaborate.

Today reports indicate Edison Chen may not be returning to Hong Kong on Sunday. Peter Lam, head of Edison’s record label, said Edison won’t be back until sometime next week and that reports of him holding a press conference tomorrow was only media speculation.

The current scandal has led Hong Kong tabloids to run reports in the last several days of supposed plans by gangsters to ‘teach a lesson’ to Chen and perhaps even kill him.

Chen may have seen these reports and decided to be on the safe side, stay as far from Hong Kong as humanly possible.

Many want to believe rumors that Edison won’t be back because the Hong Kong Triads will kill him for other reasons. Albert Yeung, head of EEG and uncle to Edison’s current girlfriend whose pictures were also leaked, allegedly has ties to the gang. Vincy Yeung the niece of Albert Yeung was exposed in three nude photos link to the sex photo scandal.

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