Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Edison Chen Scandal: Edison Chen and Bobo Chan involved in Hong Kong's biggest sex photo scandal ever

The scandal is not dying down yet. Yesterday, there are several new pictures which look like it is related to the scandal.

There was new speculation that “Kira” is actually a group of three who actually got hold of the photos and videos last year and had tried to extort money from Edison Chen.

Edison Chen told Albert Yeung about it and through some ways, they set a trap and managed to ensnare one of them.

The other two however got away and are believed to have escaped to Thailand and Indonesia and continued to extort money from them.

Edison’s ex-girlfriend Bobo Chan originally planned her wedding for August this year. She has been dragged down by the scandal and there are rumours that her boyfriend Phillip (金紫耀) has cancelled the wedding and ended their relationship all together.

Bobo Chan has packed up her belonging and went back to her family. Her relationship and reputation has taken two hard hits. She is spending her days crying.

As for Edison Chen, his career is hitting rock-bottom since he is losing his parts in the JUMP film by Stephen Chow.

All photos and videos in relation to the Edison Chen Sex Scandal have been obtained freely from various internet sources. We are not responsible for it.


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