Friday, February 15, 2008

Edison Chen Sex Scandal Rocks Hong Kong - Many Popular Celebrities Involved!

Laptop repair gone wrong

In the days after the release of the photos, Hong Kong police investigating the case tracked the source of the photos to a computer service center where Chen had taken his laptop for repairs. Police arrested eight employees of the service center in connection with the photo release since the discovery, and announced that they believed over 1,300 racy photos of celebrities had been stolen.

In places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, where the hunger for celebrity news is ravenous and invasive, the daily leak of new images has kept the story on the tabloids’ front pages, alongside breathless updates on the stars and ongoing legal proceedings.

At the moment, the pictures are spreading like wildfire through the Chinese internet and blogosphere and there is no turning the tide.

The flambuoyant Edison Chen previous girlfriends:

The above flowchart shows all the women that Edison Chen - a Canadian-Chinese actor/singer based in HK - has been connected with. A couple of weeks ago, the HK media was rocked by the release of pornographic images of Edison and three of these women.

For those not familiar with the Chinese entertainment world, most of the women on the chart are singers and actresses, with a few models thrown in for good measure. The most famous one to Western audiences is Maggie Q (near the top right), who has appeared in MI:3 and Die Hard 4.0.

Of all the pictures obtained by the computer tech, there were 6 women involved. For the investigating police, only 4 are known to them. Three of these 4 women (2 singers and 1 actress, with the actress being currently married to one of Edison’s friends, Nicholas Tse, an actor/singer) were the unfortunate ones to have been exposed before the police and the courts put a stop to it by warning that anyone caught distributing the photos risk being arrested.


Those celebrities that embroiled into Edison Chen Sex Scandal involved Gillian Chung Sex Scandal Cecilia Cheung Mandy Chen Yu Ju Maggie Q Vincy Yeung Jolin Tsai Rachel Ngan Candice Chen Sex Scandal.

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