Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gillian Chung and Juno Mak Marriage Called Off Over Sex Photo Scandal

Gillian Chung received a marriage proposal from Juno Mak this week, however, before Gillian could give him an answer Juno abrutly took back his proposal.

News reports are saying that Gillian said "no" to Juno’s marriage proposal, but that is just to make Gillian look like she’s in control. Rumors have been getting louder that another celebrity may have another batch of naughty pictures of Gillian which were stolen, and may be released.

Although Juno seems to have forgiven Gillian for her involvement with Edison Chen, this new naughty picture scandal seems to have been too much for Juno, so much so that he took back his marriage proposal. If another batch of pictures of Gillian is released her career will be over for sure.

A source close to Gillian says she is putting on a strong face and appearance, but that is only to mask her fear of losing her celebrity status. The source adds that Gillian is hoping everyone will forget about the scandal as if it never happened.

Gillian Chung has been involved in several polls where the netizens have voted against seeing her on television. They have branded her statement childish and are up in arms to prevent her from returning to work smoothly. There are rumors that Twins might be heading for a split.

The public has called Gillian’s public statement about the pictures childish and want to make her transition back to the entertainment industry as rough as possible.

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